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The Last 365 Days at a Glance: Introduction to the Carrick Newsletter

It feels as though Carrick has been in existence for way longer than 365 days as I look back and am astounded at the sheer capacity and enormity of what we have achieved.  I often ask myself why I never took this bold step years ago but one has to be ready to face adversity and challenges and I believe my timing was spot on.


As the famous Anne Frank said “The final forming of one’s own character lies in their own hands.”  I had been dreaming, imagining and moulding my own company since I was a young boy and finally it was time for me to write my own history in order to leave my own desired legacy.


Marked in my mind forever is that day in April 2014 when I walked out of my ex employers doors and registered Carrick as an official company…..we now became a (Pty) Ltd.


Five months later, (which felt like an eternity) on the 8th of October 2014, Carrick was licenced and ready to show the world that years of thought and planning had come to fruition.  It was the best birthday gift I could ever give to my wife Di.


I can now boast that we have two full financial and advisory licenses in SOUTH AFRICA issued by the FSB.  We have prestige, welcoming, professional offices in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg, not to mention our recent fully licensed office in Harare, licensed by the Security Exchange Commission in Zimbabwe.


Carrick feel great pride in the fact that we have also been granted three licenses from the Financial Services Commission in Mauritius, and we understand that we are the second company in 17 years to be granted all three licenses which is such a privilege. Carrick prides itself in considering the regulations of the land and are compliant in every way according to the country’s rules and regulations in which we establish ourselves.


In true Carrick style we are expanding our African options and have made application to the Capital Markets Authority in Kenya.


Financial Advisory of choice – Employee’s company of choice – we want it all.  I have learned that Bigger is definitely not always Better, there is so much more thought, creative thinking, self-education, lessons from the past and the like that goes into making the right decisions and we shall take that time to get it right first time!


Carrick is fortunate to have a strong leadership team, support systems, structure, policies and procedures in place. Our daily focus to provide good, solid, sound advice to our valued clients is what drives us to be the best that we can be at all times.  Equally important is to strive (and achieve) to create a platform for our partners and staff members to develop themselves as individuals and to maximise the incredible position we find ourselves in.


Amongst all the change is a lot of self realisation, besides acknowledging that I now have grey hairs that have presented themselves, I have grown as an individual … and I feel proud.  One has to continue to learn, to improve, to maximise ones opportunities and to open life’s door to new opportunities.  I can truly say, I am now far better equipped to do so.


The over-whelmingly positive response from our clients, the passion from our team, the buy in and commitment from our families makes it absolutely all worthwhile.  I can barely wait to see what we achieve in the next 365 days.


Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter.  My gratitude and appreciation for the belief in me, support and to the Carrick Team for adhering to the guidelines of doing things right!


Yours in wealth management,


Craig Featherby


Group Managing Director

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