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Diversify your portfolio and explore investing in international property with access to secure, high-growth and developed property jurisdictions.


Gain access to foreign exchange solutions that provide fast, secure, and cost-effective access to foreign currencies.


Optimise and grow your investments with Private Wealth Managers dedicated to helping you get the most out of your wealth.


Comprehensive wealth management and financial advisory services, for British citizens and others currently working or residing in the UK.


Join a community of like-minded women and take charge of your financial future by building goal-based investment plan. 

How To Prepare For Your Financial Future

When it comes to building a longlasting financial legacy, careful planning is the only way to ensure success. In the interests of helping you to plan for a comfortable retirement, we have put together some basic pointers for boosting your pension. An HSBC study has revealed that 23% of workers in the UK expect their standard of living to fall when they retire. Don’t be one of those people. Read on to find out how you can start preparing for the future today.


1. Save


It might seem simple, but saving is the most important thing you can do today to ensure your pension is enough to sustain your lifestyle when you retire. The earlier you start saving, the better.


2. Get Advice


Getting advice from a trustworthy and reputable financial services provider like Carrick Wealth is important for ensuring that your investments are made wisely, as well as for diversifying your portfolio. Further, you can get advice on UK pension transfers. Moving your pension to a QROPS, for instance, can offer significant tax benefits. This would help you to save even more money.


3. Don’t Count on an Inheritance


The most important thing you can do to ensure financial security in the future is to plan accordingly. Counting on an inheritance is not enough. This is especially true because people tend to live longer nowadays, and, due to rising inflation and low interest rates, assets are declining in value.


4. Take What You Can Get


From 2018 onwards in the UK, workplace pensions will include mandatory employer contributions. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, and accept these contributions. You’ll be glad you did.


5. Consider a QROPS


A QROPS is a Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Fund. This can prove to be a highly affordable and beneficial option for expat retirement savers, especially if they have several pensions that they would like to consolidate under one scheme. Some people view QROPS schemes as tax avoidance for very wealthy people. In fact, this is not true. People with more modest pension savings can benefit enormously from UK pension transfers.


At Carrick Wealth, we offer expert financial advice and capital management to high net worth individuals who are interested in leaving longlasting financial legacies. We value trust and professionalism above all else. Contact us today to talk about your financial future.

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