Wealth Specialist Trainees


Amile Ndlovu  - Carrick Wealth Development Academy

Amile Ndlovu

Amile graduated from Wits University with an Honours degree in Mining Engineering. He decided to pursue a career in wealth management primarily because of the quality of the Carrick Development Academy (CDA) and the opportunity to become part of the fast-growing Carrick brand. He believes his prospects with the company are much greater than any he was offered by the mining graduate programmes. He is excited by the learning and skills opportunities offered by Carrick’s partners, such as Moonstone and the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments. He welcomes challenges — completing an engineering degree is no small feat — and is confident he will meet all the demands made on him while with the CDA. He said that the assistance and support of his peers and the senior management of Carrick convinced him that this is the “family” he wants to be a part of — and a successful one at that.

William Grose - Carrick Wealth Development Academy

William Grose

William is from Johannesburg and joined Carrick because he was so impressed by the emphasis that the Carrick team put on developing young individuals starting out on their careers as well as the opportunities within the organisation and the potential to grow. He is extremely passionate about South Africa, and believes that the country has so much talent and potential that is yet to be explored. He is very optimistic about what the future holds. He looks forward to meeting new and interesting people as well as gaining a wealth of experience through those in the company and the opportunities that may present themselves. He enjoys hiking and exploring new places, loves sport — supports West Ham — and tries to play as much as he can. He also has a keen interest in water sports. His favourite restaurant is The Red Chamber in Johannesburg, and his top destination is Tirana, Albania.

Zinia Vries - Carrick Wealth Development Academy

Zinia Vries

Zinia is from East London and joined Carrick because she wanted to be part of the transformation she witnessed in the company and instil that same vision and attitude in herself. She is passionate about learning, helping to develop others, and in entrepreneurship. Apart from the excitement of working for a progressive company like Carrick, Zinia looks forward to breaking the barriers females experience in the financial advisory environment. In her spare time, she loves running, indulging in outdoor activities, and getting involved in community work. She enjoys seafood and her favourite restaurant is Bel Punto on the North Coast of KwaZulu-Natal. Her favourite places are the Owl House in Nieu Bethesda in the Eastern Cape and Clarins in the Free State.

Christopher Wray- Carrick Wealth Development Academy

Christopher Wray

Christopher, from Cape Town, is passionate about sport and technology. He was attracted to Carrick because of its values and because of the opportunities it would provide him for personal growth. He is strong-minded but believes that the Carrick Development Academy not only offers him the chance to gain invaluable experience and knowledge of the wealth management sector but will also enable him to fashion lifelong friendships with his fellow trainees. Christopher is also passionate about food, and enjoys trying different cuisines. At the moment, his favourite restaurants are Paella, La Colombe, and Tintswalo Atlantic. Top of his travel destinations is Eden Island, Seychelles.

Damon Mitchel - Carrick Wealth Development Academy

Damon Mitchell

Damon is from Cape Town. His passions are sport, staying fit, and working with people. This last passion is the reason he joined the Carrick Development Academy — he wanted to be part of a company in which the team always puts its clients first. He has his sights firmly set on graduating from the Academy and, over the next 18 months, to being promoted into a senior position as a wealth specialist. He has a lot of outside interests, though they all involve sport, from baseball to deep-sea fishing and from golf to hiking. His favourite food is sushi and his top destinations, Amsterdam and Bali.

Greg Hyson - Carrick Wealth Development Academy

Greg Hyson

Greg is from Pretoria, a city he is proud to be associated with. He joined Carrick because he wanted to acquire new skills and pursue a new profession. He has worked with and respects the CEO Craig Featherby, and is inspired by his leadership and vision. His long-term goals are to become more than a financial advisor: he wants to be a wealth specialist providing professional financial coaching for his clients and to win their trust and friendship. When not pursuing his career goals, Greg loves to indulge his love for ultra-distance running and to spend time in the bush (especially the Kruger National Park). He’s a long-time supporter of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club and, when eating out, favours Mexican or curry. Bihari Restaurant is top of the list.

Jarrod Burts - Carrick Wealth Development Academy

Jarrod Burts

Jarrod, originally from Johannesburg, now lives in Cape Town. He is passionate about continuously learning, growing, and improving himself, which is why he joined the Carrick Development Academy. He has four very clear reasons why he wants to work at Carrick: opportunity, culture, leadership, and values. He admits that life is filled with challenges, and he’s looking forward to his role as a wealth specialist. He believes this will provide him with the opportunity to help others overcome their challenges. When not working, he enjoys surfing and, in his younger days, competed in the South African Kiteboarding Tour. These days he kiteboards for pleasure and has taken up golf. He sees the Carrick Development Academy improving his knowledge and confidence relating to the financial services industry. In the long-term, he is looking forward to graduating as a wealth specialist and being posted to one of Carrick’s offices across Africa. He has two favourite foods: either sushi or pizza.

Kelsey Cullen - Carrick Wealth Development Academy

Kelsey Cullen

Kelsey is from Port Elizabeth and joined the Carrick Development Academy because it provided an amazing opportunity to learn and grow and the perfect starting place for a successful career in the world of finance. She was inspired by what Carrick has achieved over the last three years, and wanted to be part of its successful expansion plans. Over the next 18 months she intends to make the most of the benefit of interacting with the professional and knowledgeable people in the company. She is passionate about fulfilling her potential and is prepared to push herself and work hard to realize that. When not working, you will find her outdoors hiking, hanging out on the beach or eating sushi. Kelsey is also a talented musician who sings and plays multiple instruments such as the guitar, ukulele, and alto saxophone. She put this to good use during her gap year when she taught guitar at a summer camp in the USA.

Luke Jakobi- Carrick Wealth Development Academy

Luke Jakobi

Luke was born in the Eastern Cape and moved to Cape Town with his parents when he was five. His passion is helping people to realise their dreams and ambitions. He therefore joined the Carrick Development Academy because he was convinced Carrick would not only provide the structure that would realise these dreams, empower his vision, and enable him to realise his full capabilities. His other interests are technology and tracking the growth of the digital world. He loves reading, working out, and trying his hand in the kitchen. Luke looks forward to learning and acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the competitive environment of wealth management. His favourite food is sushi and he enjoys spending time in the Kruger National Park.

Matthew Patterson - Carrick Wealth Development Academy

Matthew Patterson

Matthew is from Durban. He joined Carrick because he believes the company is going places and didn’t want to miss out on this fantastic opportunity. He also strongly supports Carrick’s corporate social investment strategy, such as the Signature of Hope Trust programme. Matthew is passionate about Africa and its potential and loves the fact the Carrick is expanding and focusing on the continent. He believes that the Carrick Development Academy will provide the training and incentive that will push him to be the best of the best in the financial industry. His interests are reading (his personal library runs to more than 1,000 books), hiking, and cooking. His favourite cuisine is anything from Italian to Moroccan to Eastern Fusion, and his top eating-places would be Die Stomme Jonger and Asta. He also likes to travel and puts Stone Town in Zanzibar at the top of his list because of its history, energy, people, and food.

Ntokozo Mtshali - Carrick Wealth Development Academy

Ntokozo Mtshali

Ntokozo is from Johannesburg. He joined the Carrick Development Academy because he believed it would provide a firm foundation and the resources to thrive and survive in the financial services sector. He hopes eventually to take up a position as a wealth specialist in one of the many Carrick offices across the continent. His passion is observing people’s behaviour, especially with relation to money and wealth. Ntokozo is a fan of animé (Japanese-style animation) and watching superhero movies with his friends. His favourite food is pizza (Butler’s) and his fondest travel memory was an “adventure with elephants” in Bela-Bela.

Romario De Araujo - Carrick Wealth Development Academy

Romario De Araujo

Romario is from Cape Town. He joined Carrick because he believes that the company provides enormous opportunities for growth. He is looking forward to building on the skills and training offered by the Carrick Development Academy to help develop his career with the company and to improve his prospects for the future. He is passionate about sport, primarily football, and keeping fit. His food interests are fairly straight forward — any dish that contains meat, and his favourite travel destination is Madeira.

Rorke Smith - Carrick Wealth Development Academy

Rorke Macleod Smith

Rorke is from Cape Town. He signed on with Carrick because he believes the company would provide him with the opportunity not only to better himself and succeed in his goals but also to fulfil his passion for helping people. He looks forward to shaking hands with his first client. When not focused on work, Rorke enjoys running, hiking, and wine tasting. His favourite food is pizza (Butler’s).

Ryan Levy - Carrick Wealth Development Academy

Ryan Levy

Ryan is from Johannesburg. He joined Carrick because the company is young, incredibly energetic, and fast-growing and offered an excellent opportunity for growth and personal development. Ryan is passionate about self-improvement, and believes that going through the Carrick Development Academy will develop this and empower him to provide professional advice and support for his future clients. His interests are music, playing golf, going to the gym, cricket, socializing, spending time with his family. When eating out, he prefers to go to Willoughby & Co for sushi. Top of the list for destinations he has visited are Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, and Chennai, India.

Seth Botes - Carrick Wealth Development Academy

Seth Botes

Seth is from Cape Town. He was drawn to Carrick because of the company’s vision and goal-orientated approach, which reflects his personal philosophy. Seth is passionate about motivating people and sharing wisdom with others at every level. With this in mind, he looks forward to signing his first client. His interests, apart from studying investment strategies, are surfing and computer games. His favourite foods are sushi or steak, so when he eats out he goes either to Beluga, Hussar Grill, or Willoughby & Co. The most interesting place he has visited is Namibia.

Slade Marais - Carrick Wealth Development Academy

Slade Marais

Slade was born in Somerset West in the Western Cape. His passion in life is to live the dream of owning his own home and raising a happy family. He joined Carrick because he believed that the company’s strong growth and expansion plans reflected his own vision of continuous self-growth. He loves playing fives soccer and working out. His favourite food is anything that involves seafood and the most interesting place he has visited is Croatia.

Susanna Yang - Carrick Wealth Development Academy

Susanna Yang

Susanna is from Johannesburg and joined the Carrick Development Academy because she was so very impressed with Carrick’s recruitment programme together with the levels of professionalism and efficiency she experienced throughout the interview process. She is passionate about people and getting to know them, and feels that the Carrick Development Academy will prepare her well for that most exciting moment: when she signs her first client. In her spare time, she enjoys baking, reading, watching TV series, and spending time with her family. Top of her food list is ice cream, which she absolutely loves. And her favourite destination is Dubrovnik, Croatia, with its amazing architecture and very complex history within Europe.

Tom Darling - Carrick Wealth Development Academy

Tom Darling

Tom grew up in St Francis Bay in the Eastern Cape. He joined Carrick because of the innovative way that it approaches development, the structure of the assessment day, and interview process, which he considered a breath of fresh air compared to other company’s processes. Detailed conversations with Carrick senior management during this time also provided better insight and helped confirm his decision. He is passionate about being successful and making something out of his life and is eager to get his career launched, realise his strengths, and form lasting relationships with his clients. He loves sport, playing and watching, and recently found an interest in Formula 1. He loves listening to music, watching movies, is a series fanatic, and enjoys socialising with his friends. His favourite restaurant also serves his favourite food: The Fat Butcher and its rib eye steaks. The most interesting place that he has visited is Madagascar.

Xylon Dragner - Carrick Wealth Development Academy

Xylon Dragner

Xylon is from Humansdorp, near Port Elizabeth. He joined Carrick so that he could gain the necessary industry experience and qualifications, learn from the best in the business, and be part of a winning team that’s growing every day. Xylon is passionate about people and giving back to those who aren’t as fortunate. He felt that after leaving university, the Carrick Development Academy provided something new and that the knowledge he and his fellow team members would gain throughout the programme would be vital not only for their future but that of the financial services industry. He is, therefore, looking forward to growing as an individual and gaining knowledge about the industry. He enjoys playing sport — cricket being his first choice — likes making new friends and having a good time. Xylon trades forex in his free time and occasionally produces beats (digital music). He loves curry, but his favourite restaurant remains his mom’ s kitchen. The most interesting place he’s been to is Cape Town, which he believes is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Alfonso Meyer - Carrick Wealth Development Academy

Alfonso Meyer

Alfonso, from Pretoria, is a keen sportsman — golf, football, and cricket especially — mainly because it provides a wonderful opportunity for mixing with people. And, being a “people-person”, his greatest passion is being able to help them. It was Carrick’s focus on developing its employees and providing them with the tools to ensure their success that initially attracted him to the company. This included the open-door access that trainees were given to senior, experienced managers and directors. He is performance-driven and goal-oriented and sets himself specific, measurable targets. He enjoys travel and to-date lists Mt. Rushmore (USA), the Pyramids (Egypt), and the Blue Mosque (Istanbul) as his best trips. In his spare time, he plays guitar and likes eating out. His top food choices would be sushi, Chinese, Mexican, or Italian. He has no standout favourite but enjoys the restaurants Knife and Tiger’s Milk.

Carrick lives by the creed that none of us is as great as all of us.