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Schools Water Polo South Africa

We believe in the pursuit of excellence and in creating a legacy. We believe in those who put in the hard work today to achieve the successes of tomorrow. Nowhere is this pursuit more obvious than in sport and similar individual endeavours.

That is why Carrick Wealth Management has partnered with Schools’ Water Polo South Africa (SWPSA) in a three-year sponsorship agreement. Our vision is to make sure that water polo development is sustainable over the long term. It is far too easy to adopt a short-term solution and to put some money behind a tournament for an agreed number of years.

We propose building and managing a “water polo fund” over the next couple of years that will become self-sustaining. This fund will provide financial support to sustain future water polo teams and for the development of disadvantaged children who strive to part of this community. We see that as part of our responsibility to the communities in which we live and work.

Sponsoring the Schools Interprovincial Water Polo Championships is in line with our long-term goals of sustainability. It is our way of committing to and investing in the future.

This is the principle of our ethics of sustainable philanthropy: to create a legacy that lasts.

Grow. Protect. Preserve.