The Carrick Way


A message from Craig Featherby, Chief Executive Officer

“Carrick is a respected and service-driven firm of wealth management specialists. We are mindful of the fact that our high-net-worth clients expect only the best from us, and this is what we intend providing in Botswana.

“Being an African brokerage for people living in Africa, we seek to provide solid, researched and thoroughly considered advice to our valued clients so that we may grow, protect and preserve your wealth.”

Our Culture


The leadership at Carrick promotes integrity as the first rule of business. We encourage mentorship, expect professionalism and respect, and live character development each day. We only form associations with those we admire.

Our aim is to create a company of leaders who will take the wealth management industry to new heights.

We feel honoured when our clients trust us, and we seek to lead them through knowledge, example and experience.

The Story Behind Our Brand


We set out to change the wealth management industry. There are many ‘wheelers and dealers’ out there, promising clients the ‘earth’ and more.

The only way to be truly financially independent, and to build lasting wealth, is through careful planning, patience and strategic thinking.

In order to assist you to do just that, we seek to have a thorough understanding of your financial situation so that we may lay the most appropriate building blocks for your financial wellbeing.

Our brand stands for responsible yet innovative wealth planning.

Investment Philosophy


People are living longer and fuller lives, and so there is a need for strategic financial planning advice to ensure that clients enjoy a prosperous future.

There is no shortcut when it comes to being successful. Wealth management is driven by sound financial principles.

We help you to build long-term wealth by gaining an in-depth understanding of your financial situation. Then, through careful planning and strategic choices for implementation, we assist you to negotiate and secure the steps to financial wealth.

Our code of conduct is unbending, and our expertise and advice is delivered to the highest ethical standards. Capital protection is our primary goal when it comes to securing your financial destiny. To this end we employ the legal and technical knowledge – matched by our financial experience – in service and defence of your wealth.

Even the most careful and cautious of clients feel secure and confident knowing that Carrick is protecting their future.

Doing The Right Thing


Carrick complies with mandatory industry requirements and ethical practices.

Our directors view, very seriously, issues regarding breach of trust. Being trustworthy is engraved into our company ethics.