Investment Advice


The Carrick team is dedicated to maximizing your wealth so that you have more freedom and security in your financial future. We work with you on a regular basis to remain abreast of your financial circumstances and to changes in your personal or business situation. From the get-go, we work together to establish your immediate priorities and long-term goals.

We use a sophisticated risk-profiling assessment to measure your tolerance to risk. Once we have an objective assessment of your risk appetite, we provide you with transparent, straightforward advice to create an investment and wealth plan — just for you.

Because we are a wholly independent, privately owned advisory, we are not limited to or restricted by allegiance to any product or provider. We source the best solutions from the open marketplace to suit your precise needs.

Whether you need structured products, discretionary fund management or a bespoke portfolio, Carrick’s Investment Committee is focused towards generating superior investment results because they choose superior and appropriate investment companies suited to your investment needs.

Our combined knowledge, acquired over years of experience in the financial services sector internationally, serves you, our client.

Investment Committee


The Carrick Investment Committee was set up to conduct a full due diligence on investment houses. Our directors regularly visit our international product provider partners to ascertain whether they are still operating within their mandates.

The Committee performs regular checks to see whether the risk-adjusted returns from the investment houses are in line with our expectations.

The Carrick Investment Committee members:

Anthony Palmer (Chairperson)

Craig Featherby

Adrian Jossel

Mike Potts

Your Ownership Vehicle


Seldom in life is there a perfect, lasting solution. Deciding on the best way to hold your assets can prove to be stressful, worrying and confusing.

When you partner with Carrick, the worry is removed from your shoulders. Your peace of mind is our end goal.

When we discuss, and ultimately agree, your priorities and long range goals, various issues come under consideration, including whether or not to hold assets in your own name, or in a wrapper; or whether you need an international discretionary trust (or an international pension) or are wanting to create an offshore company — rest assured that most of your financial objectives will be met.

Carrick will present you with a number of options, and the pros and cons of each option will be discussed with you. After discussion and consideration, together we will decide what would work best for you. Know that, with Carrick, whatever investment decision is decided, it will have a solid foundation, a structure that has integrity, and that, combined, is both stable and flexible to adapt to changing conditions.

Risks You Take


The links between your objectives, tolerance for risk and capacity for loss come together to provide your overall risk profile.

Carrick has chosen to partner with a recognized authority in the field of risk tolerance – FinaMetrica. It is an independently owned, highly respected Australian risk analysis company, which has been in business since 1998 and operates over 20 countries.

Once the psychometric test has been completed, a risk tolerance report is generated, indicating to both you and Carrick how much risk you are prepared to take. As with other aspects of personality, your tolerance for risk is affected by your genetic inheritance and life experiences.

Typically, your risk tolerance becomes less the more you age. As with other aspects of personality, changes will set in, and as life events take hold, your risk tolerance may be affected, too. Therefore, we recommend that your risk tolerance be tested every couple of years and, particularly, after a major life event.

Two other aspect of your overall risk profile cover the risks that you need to take (risk required) and how much risk you can afford to take in the likelihood of negative events (risk capacity).

A really thorough investigation into and understanding of all these components is the basis for establishing your risk profile. Only once your situation is fully understood can we be in a position to jointly agree on an appropriate risk profile for you.

What Are Investment Risks?


If you are seeking to obtain an investment return higher than you can get for cash deposits, you must know that there could be risks involved, which include:

  • Loss of liquidity
  • Short-term or permanent capital or income loss
  • Interest rate changes and inflation
  • Volatility as a result of technical and fundamental market conditions

When you build your investment portfolio, it is good to understand asset classes. It helps to know what to anticipate when you are investing for the long term, be it a single investment or on a regular basis.

Having a diversified portfolio is one of the prime goals of investing because you lower your risk exposure when investing across a spread of asset classes, which, inevitably, perform differently at any given time during market fluctuation. If all your investments go up or down simultaneously, your portfolio is at the mercy of swings and dips (volatility).

Most investors want the least volatility and the greatest returns or profit, and to achieve this, diversification is best.

However, it must be said that even though a well-balanced portfolio spreads the risk of loss during market dips, it does not mean that you will necessarily be protected against loss, and, conversely, when the market improves, it does not mean that you are guaranteed a profit.

There are three main asset classes: equities (stocks), fixed income (bonds) and cash equivalents (money market). Added to these are property, commodities such as gold and oil, and other types of investments such as foreign currencies.

Any given asset reflects different risk and return investment characteristics. It is important to know, therefore, what type of asset classes you are currently invested in so that you know, beforehand, whether your portfolio is at risk, and whether your financial investment goals are being met.

Carrick’s Core Investment Strategies


We encourage diversification because, when one investment’s value begins to drop or remain static, your portfolio is protected from the downswing because you have others in place, which are more than likely to be buoyant.

Spreading your assets across different investment types, styles and markets is one of the essential rules of investing –that’s if your investment goals are focused on the long term.

Remember, the desire for instant returns and impulse buying and selling should never replace careful thought and being disciplined about sticking to the plan. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance. Stay diversified!

We suggest a blend of moderate-risk structured notes and actively managed global funds. Such a blend will result in a portfolio that is diversified in terms of geographic regions, asset classes and the major currencies. What this combination does is create the support and structure required for stable medium- to long-term investment growth.

For larger investment amounts, we suggest discretionary managed funds or actively managed global funds. We choose any of the funds ranging from defensive through to adventurous in order to meet your investment goals.

From the more than 6500 managed funds (otherwise known as Unit Trusts or Open-ended Investment Companies (OEIC)), a discretionary fund manager will be assigned to your larger investment portfolio and manage it according to your wishes. These managers usually invest in direct equities, fixed interest securities, collective funds and alternative investments.

Because of our independence and reputation, Carrick is able to select world-class discretionary fund managers.

The choices made by the Investment Committee, while not entirely foolproof, provide the highest certainty of ensuring a profit or insulating your investment against a loss in a down market.

Our goal is to match return expectations as far as possible and, to a greater extent, the risk limitations over an investment cycle. Your risk profile and your financial objectives are what determine the balance of your portfolio.

We Review and We Monitor


It is critical to keep reviewing both your ownership vehicle and your investment portfolio because laws keep changing and financial markets keep shifting.

We also check in with you regularly to ascertain whether you are happy with your investing experience and whether your expectations have changed.

Reviewing and monitoring is in our company DNA. We keep alert and watchful to all market and legal changes, and we will adapt where and when necessary.

Grow. Protect. Preserve.