Our Values



Moral and business integrity lies at the heart of Carrick.

We value good character, honesty, correctness and openness as a company, and we expect the same of our employees and business partners.

We seek the spirit of humility, all aspects of integrity, and alertness in our employees.

As one of the leading brokerages in the industry, we understand and value the benefits of integrity in the workplace.

And our clients should expect no less of us, for they have put their trust in us to guide their financial future.

Reputation is everything!



We embrace transparency because it assists us to collaborate, co-operate and make decisions together. Transparency improves the company culture and boosts employee morale. When we play open cards as a company, productivity improves.

Being transparent as a company rules out the possibility of unfair business practices and provides our clients with all the information they need to make sound decisions.

We say it like it is.



In business, especially in the field of wealth management, one expects one’s adviser to work to the highest standards of excellence and competence.

Carrick is driven towards maintaining a culture of respect and accountability, and we seek to present our company to our clients, and to the rest of the business world, in the best possible light.

We aim higher; we aim further. Professionalism is in our blood.

Grow. Protect. Preserve.